Quick Facts

Address: Boston, MA
Athletics Office: 617-287-7801
Athletics Fax: 617- 287-7840
Enrollment: 16,756
Founded Date: 1964
Mascot: Beacons
LEC Sports Offered: Baseball, Basketball (M,W), Cross Country (M,W), Track and Field (M,W), Lacrosse (M), Soccer (M,W), Softball, Tennis (M,W), Volleyball (W)


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Dr. J. Keith Motley
UMass Boston
Charlie Titus
Vice Chancellor for Athletics
UMass Boston
617-287-7810 charlie.titus@umb.edu
Terry Condon
Senior Associate Director of Athletics (SWA)
UMass Boston
617-287-7832 terry.condon@umb.edu
Kevin McCluskey
Associate Director of Athletics for External Business Development & Marketing
UMass Boston
617-287-5738 kevin.mccluskey@umb.edu
Mary Cunneen
Associate Director of Athletics for Facilities & Operations
UMass Boston
617-287-7807 mary.cunneen@umb.edu
Tracey Hathaway
Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance and Student-Athlete Welfare
UMass Boston
617-287-5280 tracey.hathaway@umb.edu
Oderra Jones
Community Outreach & Engagement Coordinator
UMass Boston
617-287-7831 oderra.jones@umb.edu
Myles Berry
Senior Operations/Logistics Manager
UMass Boston
617-287-7822 myles.berry@umb.edu
Ed Perkins
Assistant Director of Athletics for Sports Performance and Operations
UMass Boston
617-287-7818 ed.perkins@umb.edu
David Walberg
Assistant Director of Athletics for Sports Communications and Events Management
UMass Boston
617-287-7815 david.walberg@umb.edu
Seth Orensky
Assistant Sports Information Director
UMass Boston
617-287-7811 seth.orensky@umb.edu
Laurie Milliken
Faculty Athletics Representative
UMass Boston
Marybeth Maneen
Senior Academic Counselor for Athletics
UMass Boston
617-287-7809 marybeth.maneen@umb.edu