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Basketball Game Video Exchange Policy

Effective as of May 18, 2015

A. Scouting Reports/Film

“Gag Rule”: Conference members are not to provide scouting reports, game film or exchange information on other conference members to non-conference opponents.  No conference member should exchange information with conference members about other conference members other than what is available in the exchange system’s “open library”.

B. Film Exchange

a. All LEC conference games and (home) non-conference games are to be uploaded by the host institution no later than noon the following day via the conference’s designated online game film exchange system (as of 5/18/15, Krossover). If there are issues uploading home game footage, the LEC office is to be notified. The LEC office will then provide a link to the archived broadcast via the conference’s designated webcast system (as of 5/18/15, Stretch Internet).

b. Away non-conference games are to be uploaded by noon the following day following the team’s return to its home campus. In the event that an away non-conference game is unable to be uploaded to the exchange system, the LEC institution shall notify the conference office.

c. Uploaded film will be retained on the exchange system as an “open library” accessible only by other LEC institutions, the LEC office staff and the LEC coordinators of officials (if applicable). Each institution will make game film available for all games (conference and non-conference) to all other LEC teams.

d. All LEC postseason tournament games are to be uploaded by the host school at the conclusion of the game while exhibition games and scrimmages are excluded from this requirement.

e. The following procedures are to be followed in the filming of games:

1) Film from the middle of the court unless facility cannot accommodate a mid-court setup.
2) Start filming with the announcement of line-ups.
3) Use a tripod with the camera, keep a wide view of the court to capture all 10 players.
4) In full-court situations, the video should show as many players as possible.
5) The camera should remain running for entire game except during extended timeouts and delays. The recording should start about five (5) seconds before the ball is put into play from dead ball situations.
6) Care is to be taken to ensure that all inbound plays and free throw situations are filmed in their entirety.
7) Show the scoreboard at the start of each half, each timeout, and any extended dead ball situation (injury, technical foul, etc.).  This should be the only time that the camera should be zoomed in.
8) Uploaded game film must include audio.

C. Other Requirements

Film crews/personnel are expected to continue taping through the post-game handshakes and until both teams have left the court. Any time an altercation occurs, the camera should be focused on the incident until order has been restored.

D. Noncompliance

Failure to comply with the conference’s prescribed policies on online game film exchange are to be reported to the LEC office and will result in the offending team forfeiting the right to access online game film until protocol adherence is resumed.